I love to visit middle and high schools, libraries, homeschooling groups, and book clubs! I always enjoy meeting readers and aspiring writers, and I am happy to talk about anything from my path to publication, to how to write a good query letter, to the lore and history that inspired my books, to sign (and sketch a picture in) copies of my books and answer questions. Presentations can be tailored to meet your needs.


I charge a flat fee of $150 for a basic hour-long talk, Q&A and signing within the following counties: Washington and Frederick County, MD, Berkeley County, WV, and Franklin County, PA. Beyond that, the fees vary based on the type of presentation and associated travel expenses, so please contact me. I also offer free 15-minute Skype visits or longer Skype visits for $100/hour.

If you're having trouble funding a visit, here are some suggestions. Some other suggestions to save money on visits are by teaming up with another school or library in the area to share the travel expenses, or by ordering my books through a discount retailer and selling them at cover price. Meeting an author would have meant a lot to me as a kid, and I hate to see anyone missing out because many schools and libraries are underfunded. So if you are still having trouble with fees, please let me know and if my schedule allows, I am happy to work with smaller budgets.